February 09, 2016

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Quality Photo Submissions


When submitting photos, please email the highest quality, originals possible.

Sending them as attachments to your email is the requested method. It is also not necessary to compress or "zip" digital photos when sending them.

Originals Preferred

An original photo will generally be 1-3 MB in size, though some may be larger or smaller.

Second generation pictures will most likely be smaller.

Requested minimum pixel sizes are 300 x 400 (width x height) for portrait oriented photos, or 400 x 300 (width x height) for landscape size pictures.

If the pictures are a little smaller than these dimensions, don't sweat it. If they are larger, great, as more pixels is generally better.

It is not required to "re-size" your pictures, but there will be times when re-sized photos are all that are available.

What is most important is that the photos be crisp and clear.

Photo Details

Well lighted, bright, focused, and colorful photos look the best.

Photos of hunters in the field with their birds look great. Hunting gear such as shotguns, decoys, blinds, or other items can also add interest to the pictures. And don't forget your dogs.

Photos of live banded birds, close-ups of bands, or wetland habitat / landscapes are also ideal.

Pictures of birds taken on the pavement, work benches, vehicles, and other manmade objects are usually not very photogenic. Photos that include backgrounds of houses, decoy trailers, or trucks are also less attractive. Piles of dead birds, or birds not well presented, such as with excessive blood or tissue, are the least interesting of all photos, and maybe even convey a lack of respect for the game.

In general, photos with the most overall appeal will be considered for adding to the site.

Lastly, pictures without date and/or time stamps are preferred, though this is sometimes not possible.

A good example photo is shown.


If you are unsure if a photo is a quality submission or not, send it anyways. We can always sort it out here.

Please submit your photos to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

And thanks in advance for helping us to showcase great images for all to enjoy.

Camera Recommendations for Online Photos

Cameras and portable devices with photo capabilities continue to evolve at break neck speed, so please take our suggestions with this in mind.

We have personally had great success with the Nikon Coolpix compact digital cameras with a suggested list price of about $450, purchasing these cameras at warehouse clubs for considerably less money, usually about $250. They are small in size, easy to operate, and take great photos. The models we currently own are no longer available as they have been replaced by newer versions.

Once in hand, we have set the cameras to take photos at a normal image quality with an image size of 3072 x 2304 which is about seven megapixels. We have been leaving the cameras in their automatic modes to keep operation simple, but the two settings we have absolutely adjusted are turning the date imprint to off to avoid having a distracting date and time image displayed on a killer photo, and setting the scene mode to close up for taking high quality detailed photos when needed.

As for protection, we have found compact camera cases made by Tamrac that are barely larger than the cameras themselves, and since the overall packages are small, we have been more inclined to take the cameras with us, rather than leave them behind. We have also used quart size, freezer grade Ziploc bags as an extra safety measure to protect the cameras when not in use while hunting in wet or dusty environments. They have been cheap and effective.

We also like these cameras since they utilize the Secure Digital (SD) format memory cards which are fairly universal between electronic devices, inexpensive to purchase, and hold a ton of photos. For example, with our older 1GB SD cards, we can save about 2000 high quality images on a single card. That's a lot of field photos. As for SD card brands, we have had a great experience with the SanDisk Extreme III cards.

In addition, you might also consider creating a free account at a photo sharing website such as or one of the many others. These sites are an inexpensive solution for editing, storing, and sharing your photos accross the Internet with good results.

Lastly, since we purchased these cameras, there have been considerable advances in technology, and better cameras are now available for similar or even less cost, but for the price point, these cameras have proven their worth.

Simply, if you can invest in a camera of at least this quality, no matter the brand, we guarantee your photos for sharing online will be great.

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