February 11, 2016

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Nevada - Brock Perry, NFS


Please welcome Brock Perry, your National Field Staff member from Nevada.

He has been hunting for about 25 years on mostly public lands, and with a good success rate favors challenging days, roughing it out, and lots of pre-hunt homework. From using existing public blinds to making his own, he loves to hunt ducks. 

Put your hands together for Brock.

Hawk Tale

My first duck I ever shot was a drake pintail. I was jump shooting a field of them, and knocked one down, but he was crippled and ended up in the middle of an alfalfa field.

As I set out to retrieve the bird, the excitement was unbearable.

Enroute to my first bird, a red-tailed hawk spotted my duck and in short order he was now retrieving it too, and did so before I could reach him. My first duck was lost to the clutches of a hungry hawk. I was confused, but eager for another bird and got a second chance at a drake pintail jump shooting an irrigation canal. This time, no hawk was in sight. At last, my first duck and I was hooked.

Long Time Coming

My first band was recovered on January 25, 2006 after years of shooting tons of ducks and geese. My day had finally come. A banded eight pound honker from Overton WMA right here in southern Nevada. Not a very good looking goose, but a band nevertheless. It was a good feeling and a rewarding day.

Likes and Strategies

Passion for this sport is my life. Every day I try to do more for others, and I love doing that. I've learned that keeping things fun is a powerful tool for helping others to become better hunters. I also work with kids and sometimes find myself mentoring them. Hunting for me is about the fun of being in the outdoors, sharing stories, tradition, and learning more about the people I meet and places I visit.

Here in southern Nevada, I have become a strong waterfowler. Public Wildlife Management Areas (WMA) are my specialty. Good calling, decoy placement, extensive pre-hunt homework, hunting the right days, and in the field safety equates to great hunts. I spend a lot of time studying migration patterns, and practice calling everyday. Over the years I've developed my own style of waterfowling which is unique.

Pounded the Drakes

My favorite hunt was with my late father and brother. We had worked extra hard on taking care of the home duties for my mom for the week, so we were all ready for a hunt. We knew the birds were in our favorite honey hole, so we packed up our decoys and gear, and headed out.

With a safe arrival at 3:00 in the afternoon, we opted for an evening shoot. When we waked in to the area, there were birds all over it. We set up and waited for what we knew would be good a good hunt. Flock after flock decoyed in, and we limited quickly, sharing stories and becoming better friends than ever that day. I was 15 years old, and I'll never forget that hunt. What my father and I shared together for the next three days were full limits of all drakes!

It would take me years of hunting to become a good caller, but that day I decided that is what I was going to do. That hunt molded me into a duck caller and waterfowl purist I am today.

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